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  • Brian P. Werner, CPA

My message to all Federal, State, and Local Governments - Let us take care of our own business!

Every year the tax climate becomes more complex with another stroke of Congress' pen. I sometimes can't help but shake my head at the wisdom that comes from these bureaucrats that are completely disconnected with us regular folk down on Main Street. How is a small business / individual supposed to make educated decisions when the tax law is constantly changing? How are they supposed to ensure they are saving every dollar possible to reinvest into their business and provide for their families when some of the tax law changes occur after the year is over and applied retroactively? I applaud the circus going on back in our nations's capital.

So this is where I step in. If you don't know where to turn for business decisions or financial decisions, you are not sure if you accounting for every possible tax deduction that is out there (trust me there is a boat load of them), then give me a call and let's challenge me to provide value to your situation. I provide a 1 hour free consultation for all new potential clients. What do you have to lose? There is no obligation to purchase or even turn over your first born.


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